Speleological ecology course

9 July – 10 July

9 July at 8:00 to 10 July at 19:00
205, mata de banana, Guadalupe, San José, Costa Rica

Speleological ecology course taught to members of Anthros Xinia González and Isaac Baldizón.

General objective
Explain the main physical, chemical, and biological factors that characterize underground ecosystems that develop in a moist cavern.

Specific objectives
Analyze the main abiotic factors within a humid cavern and its relation to biota.
Explain major biotic processes that occur within a wet cavern.
Characterize morfofisiologicamente biota which uses cavemen in their life processes.
Characterize the different groups in which the biota within the caverns can be arranged.
Practice techniques for the study of the biodiversity in underground systems.

Field trip.

Requirements: Member of the GEA, annuity on the day.

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